The new clinic has started functioning from 6 November 2013.

Point A in map shows the earlier morning clinic and point B the new (current) one

Clinic Address:

3, Savitri,
Abhinav Vidyalaya Road,
Off Law College Road, Near Nal Stop,
47/19 Erandawane,
Pune 411004.
Phone – 91-20-25440744
In case clinic landline is dead/not reachable, please call on +91-9404485836

All patients are seen by prior appointments only. Each appointment slot is usually of 15 minutes duration. This ensures that every patient is given a ‘patient’ hearing and all his/her concerns are adequately addressed.

Emergency cases and patients in acute distress do not require a prior appointment.

The standard protocol to begin treatment in new patients starts with a long case interview which may last up to two hours. This protocol applies to patients with chronic problems (of more than 2-3 months duration). All new cases needing long interviews are given a morning appointment starting at 9.45 a.m.

New patients with only acute complaints are given short appointments as soon as is possible.

E-mail me at : 

In case you cannot contact me on the clinic phone numbers, please mail me and I will be able to reply immediately to your mail.