Welcome to a healing journey through gentle intervention with Dr. Mukund Joshi, M.D.

The body is but an instrument of the mind and whatever turmoil takes place at the mind level will automatically be expressed at the body level. This is usually how a disease process is generated.

The misfiring circuit between mind and body is what is responsible for the patient’s suffering. Homeopathy focuses on mapping this misfiring and identifying the most suitable remedy to correct this anomaly.  The needed remedy placed in this path helps gently correct the altered rhythm and bring back health where possible.

Dr. Mukund Joshi is an experienced Homeopath, having practised for last 19 years in a variety of environs. This experience stretches from the rural and tribal heartland of India to the sophisticated settings of Mumbai, Pune as well as Dubai and encompasses treatment of trivia like colds and coughs to healing of peptic ulcers, removal of fibroids, kidney stones; and management of demyelinating neuritis.